Operating Worldwide
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Our business intelligence solutions provide the most effective combination of technical and analytical functions to deliver results. We are creative problem solvers and we provide custom solutions that are tailored to individual business needs.
To maximise efficiency and implement a seamless roll-out we work with each relevant department before, during and after the project. We understand that the long-term success and utilisation of the system is dependent on client personnel endorsement.

Our areas of specialist expertise include:

Business Analysis: identify your business needs, collect and specify requirements, determine solutions, support the implementation process and verify correctness.

Data Modelling: identify data requirements needed to support the business process, develop conceptual, logical and physical schemes and provide state-of-the-art design concepts for business intelligence applications.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL): consolidate data from different source systems, transform the data in terms of joining, filtering, cleansing, transposing, derived calculations or aggregations and load the data into your data warehouse.

Data Quality Assurance (DQA): profile the data to reveal inconsistencies and anomalies and improve the quality by data cleansing processes.

Reporting: implement user-friendly query and reporting tools to allow users to ‘drag and drop’ data elements, access the results in tabular format and convert into charts or apply other formatting as necessary.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP): store the data in multiple dimensions in specialised databases and allow the user to query the data intuitively via complex analytical processes to gain rapid access to key intelligence. This process maximises reporting efficiency and provides timely insights for sales, marketing and financial management.

Predictive Analytics: access integrated data to predict future trends and behavior patterns. Data mining and statistical methods are used to capture relationships between explanatory variables and the predicted variables from past occurrences and to predict future outcomes. This process provides insights to guide decision making in direct marketing, cross-selling, scoring, customer retention, financial planning and other key business areas.

Performance Dashboards: build a multilayered application that enables you to measure, monitor and manage business performance effectively. Supervise the key performance indicators, use visual presentation, identify trends and align strategies and organizational goals, gain total visibility of all systems instantly.