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DB Analytics bridge the gap between strategy, execution and results.

Effective business intelligence systems are essential for:

  • Validating the Key Performance Indicators of your business.
  • Converting corporate strategy into measures and targets.
  • Gaining valuable insights into daily operations and future projections.
  • Making informed and timely decisions based on analysis of key data.

Salesforce Control: Analyse the sales function in order to maximise sales and market share. How are individual products selling according to customer group, sales organisation, or sales promotion measures? Do the individual products mutually support the product mix? Are some retailers more successful in selling new products? If yes, then why?

Logistics: Monitor performance and efficiency in relation to logistics. What quantity of a product group was sold at what time and through which distribution channel? What unit costs were incurred throughout the sales process? What quantity of product was transported from warehouse A to warehouse B in the past three months? What percentage of this quantity was returned?

Marketing: Gain key insights into the market potential by comparing growth rates, revenues and volumes. Identify market segments and products in relation to competitors. Analyse each product life cycle and support the pricing strategy with scenario calculations. What is your current market share for product A? What was the percentage increase in sales for Product A during the promotional period? How did the results compare to a previous promotion (eg. price discounting promotion versus chance to win promotion)?

Trade: Analyse trade processes including sales, order quantity and order times. How many selected items were sold in a specific store in the past month and what was the total sales value? What is the current level of empty shelf space and what are the future projections? What is the foot traffic for a particular store?

Business intelligence is essential in lean times!
There has never been a more important time to maximise business efficiency and available resources. As the economy slows companies need timely business intelligence to make informed decisions and realistic projections. DB Analytics provide custom business intelligence solutions to optimise costs and review operational efficiency.