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SAS Institute Inc. has been a major producer of software since it was founded in 1976. SAS was originally an acronym for Statistical Analysis System but for many years it has been used as an arbitrary trade name.

  • While the majority of other BI vendors focus on historical analysis, SAS focuses on forecasting, predictive modeling and optimization. SAS system functions are embedded within cross-functional and industry-specific applications. SAS is the only BI vendor of any scale where their customer base uses data mining or predictive modeling extensively.
  • SAS derives an increasing percentage of its revenue and growth from packaged analytic applications built on its BI platform. This platform incorporates advanced analytics into cross-functional and industry applications around specific business problems. For example this platform has been used for situations such as risk management, warranty analysis and anti money laundering.
  • Although SAS has made progress in providing tools for users beyond its traditional user base, it is yet to overcome its reputation for being more difficult to use. Many of the data manipulation and advanced analysis tasks performed by users require SAS programming language knowledge.

DB Analytics – We have been using SAS products since 1992 primarily in the areas where they have market dominance – statistical analysis and data mining. Our specialist expertise is in the following components:

  • Base SAS – Considered the core component of SAS. It’s key use is to manage data especially SAS data sets.
  • SAS/STAT - Statistical Analysis with a number of technical processes to provide statistical information such as analysis of variance, regression, multivariate analysis, and categorical data analysis.
  • Enterprise Miner – the leading data mining tool with a wide variety of applications.